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April 23, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Documents
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Patch For Upgrade To Shadow President Version 1.0b Copyright (C) 1992, D.C. True, Ltd. If your version of Shadow President has a file date on the file SHADOW.EXE that is older than 1-19-93, you should install this patch. This patch updates your program with the newest versions of the sound drivers, lowers the memory requirements of previous versions by about 30,000 bytes, and makes slight adjustments to some of the simulation intelligence routines. Instructions for installing the patch to Shadow President: 1. Copy the patch files to the directory where Shadow President is installed on your hard drive. 2. Change to the directory where you installed Shadow President. 3. Type RUNME and hit [ENTER]. This program will apply the patches to your version of Shadow President to bring it up to the current version.


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