SAP CO Profitability Analysis Transaction Codes.

April 4, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Documents
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SAP CO Profitability Analysis Transaction Codes KE30 Execute profitability report VALU Valuation Analysis KE21N CO-PA Line Item Entry KE24 Line Item Display - Actual Data KEDR Maintain Derivation Strategy KEPM CO-PA Planning KEB0 Create CO-PA DataSource KE4I View maintenance VV2_T258I_V KEU5 Perform act. cost-ctr cost transfer KEA0 CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern KE4U Maintain view cluster V_TKEVAx KEPH Segment-Specific Events KEA5 Maintain Characteristics KE4S Post billing documents to CO-PA KEPC Flexible Callup of Cost Estimates KEI1 Maintain PA Transfer Structure KE31 Create profitability report KES1 CO-PA Maintain Characteristic Values KE4J Maintain view V_TKEVA03M KEQ3 Maintain Charact. for Segment Level KEB2 Display Dtld Info on CO-PA DataSrce KE4W Reset value fields KEAT Reconcile CO-PA SD FI KE4R Maintain view V_TKEVA04 KE3I CO-PA: Transport tool KE35 Change form KEFC CO-PA External Data Transfer KE27 Periodic valuation KEI2 Maintain PA Transfer Structure KE28 Create top-down distribution KE34 Create form KE4M Maintain view V_T258M KEND Realignments KE13N Upload from Excel KE4SFI CO-PA: Post Subsequently from FI KE32 Change Report KE4ST Simulation billg docs transfer CO-PA KE11 Change plan data KE4G Maintain View V_TKEVG KEPA Char. Groups for Actual and Planning KE40 Maintain view V_TKEVA03 KECM CO-PA: Customizing Monitor KEDE Maintain Derivation Rule Entries KEKE CO-PA: Activation Indicator KEU1 Create Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs KE26 Repost Accounting Document KE21 Create CO-PA line item KE94 Create form KEDV CO-PA: Maintain Summarization Levels KES3 Maintain Characteristics Hierarchy KEKF Transfer Incoming Sales Orders ORKE Display CO-PA IMG KER1 Maintain Key Figure Scheme KE4H Maintain view V_TKEVA03A KEUB Perform plan cost-ctr cost transfer KE29 Management KEA6 Edit Value Fields KE29N Administration: Logs KE25 Line Item Display - Plan Data KEB5 Reduce Data Volumes for Test KE4S00 CO-PA: Reversal of Line Items KE1E Transfer Plan Data to SOP KE3E Maintain Global Variables KE1C Delete Plan Data KE4IM Maintain View VV_T258I_M KEDU CO-PA: Build Summarization Levels KEPP Check plan structure KE37 Maintain Report Authorization Object KE41 Create condition KEVFG CO-PA Value Field Groups KE4MS Assign CO-PA Standard Quantity KE1V Transfer to EC-PCA KE91 Create Line-Item-Based Report KEDVP Default for Summarization Levels KE33 Display Report KE4F Post Incoming Orders Subsequently KEU2 Change Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs KE3Q Maintain Variants KEVG2 Assign Characteristic Group KE4T Set Up Transfer of Incoming Orders KE3P Maintain Variant Groups KE4SMM CO-PA: Post Material Documents Subs. KE3R Schedule Variant Group KE23N CO-PA Line Item Display KE3S Define Variant Group KEBC Change operating concern KEI3 Maintain PA Transfer Structure KEAW Reconciliation Make-to-Order Prod. KE14 Create Planning Layout KE1F Complete Plan Management KE1FN Admin.: Logs for Overall Planning KEN1 Maintain Number Range: COPA_IST KEKK Maintain view V_TKA01_ER KE21S CO-PA Valuation Simulation KE13 Upload from Excel KE23 Display CO-PA line item KETE CO-PA: Operating Concern Templates KEN2 Maint. number ranges: CO-PA planning KES2 Customizing: Display characteristics KE3B Print and actualize reports KE4TS Simulate Doc. Transfer from Orders KE36 Display form KE4Z Maintain view V_T258Z_KE KEF1 Change Revaluation Keys KE4E Maintain View V_T258W_KE KEFA Maintain Sender Structures KEG5 Execute Indirect Actual Acty Alloc. KEP8 Operating concerns KE4D Maintain external str. in ABAP Dict. KE16 Display Planning Layout KEFB Maintain Rules KEB1 CO-PA Hierarchy DataSource KE1N Display Plan Structure KE1Z Transfer CO-PA Plan Data to GL (New) KEVG6 PA Transfer Schema: Overhead ACTUAL KEB3 Activate Debugging Support KEBD Set Operating Concern KECRM_0KEL PCA: Substitutions CRM Integration KE12 Display plan data KE17 Maintain Planning Authorization Obj. KEB4 Debugging Support Hierarchies KE42 Change condition KEDZ Read Interface for CO-PA Log KE15 Change Planning Layout KEDB Deletion of Test Data in CO-PA KE3Y Report selection S_ALR_87005722 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORKEOKEQ KE43 Display condition GLPLI FI-SL Create Planning Layout KE4A Change condition table KE2B Correction to Incoming Orders KEV2 Change distribution key KEOV CO-PA: Cycle Overview KEMO Profitability report: Test monitor KECP Copy Operating Concern KE45 Maintain View V_T258I_KO KEUG Set up cost-center cost transfer KE1D Forecast Plan Data KE39 CO-PA: Reorganize report data KE97 Maintain Report Authorization Object KEPI Maintain Rule Values for Revaluation KE1A Copy complete plan KED0 Derivation: Initial Screen KEV1 Create distribution key KE4Q Execute Pricing Report KE27S Reversal of KE27 Delta Line Items KE1K Transfer to LIS KEU6 "Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs KE1B Process complete plan KE4L Pricing report KEIT CO-PA Allocation: Table Information KE2C Delete records from error file KEFD Maintain Rules KEPMU Create Planning Level from Layout KE0C CO-PA Distribution: Initial Supply KE38 Display report authorization objects KEP6 Maintain characteristics KE1T Change Forecast Profile KEU4 Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs KE96 Display Form KE2D Display Error File KEII CO-PA Assessment: Field Usage KE1I Maintain Ratio Scheme KEDW CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert) KETR CO-PA Translation Tool KE3J Import KE2K CO-PA: Maintain Key Figures KEAI Value Flow FI -> SD / CO -> CO-PA KEPV Plan Settlement: Assign Version KEIM CO-PA Allocation: Field Group Texts S_ALR_87005759 IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE40 KE4SCRM Subsequent.Post CRM Billing to CO-PA GLPLD FI-SL Display Planning Layout KE1W Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-GL Tools KELV BW/CO-PA Ret: Variant Query Variable KELR BW/CO-PA Retraction: Execute KELS BW/CO-PA Retraction: Cancel


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