DataStage Scenarios

April 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Documents
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DataStage Scenarios (Job Tasks) 1. Design a Job which performs i have source like balance, draw_time 20000, 8.30 50000,10.20 3000,4.00 2. Design a Job which performs i have source like deptno, sal 1,2000 2,3000 3,4000 1,2300 4,5000 5,1100 i want target like target1 deptno, sal 1,2000 3,4000 4,5000 target2 2,3000 1,2300 5,1100 3. Design a Job which performs i have source data like empno, enmae 11 ,aa 12 ,bb i want output like empno, ename 11 ,aa 12 ,bb i want target like this balance, draw_time 20000, 32.30 50000,22.20 3000,16.00 Compiled by: Mohammed Hafiz InfoSphere DataStage 8.0.1 11 ,aa 12 ,bb 4. Design a Job which performs a. Count the number of all records in a EMP table b. Count the number of deptno in a EMP table 5. Design a Job which performs a. dept no wise to find maximum, minimum, and sum of rows, and in target two company wise maximum? 6. Source table emp_name, sal_dept1,sal_dept2,sal_dept3 find the person who has lowest sal in dept3 and what is his max sal? Emp_name, sal_dept1,sal_dept2,sal_dept3 Abby,23000,33000,13000 Sunny,24000,14000,17000 Ronny,22000,16000,19000 Mark,66000,19000,25000 Joyson,19000,18000,30000 Willy, 66000, 19000, 14000 Lavelle, 14000,17000,34000 7. Design a Job which a. uses multiple source of input into a single input sequential file stage. b. which depicts the Sparse, Range lookups (Separate Jobs for each lookups) c. In employee table (Don’t know how many records available) then task is to show first/last record outputted to a file. 8. Design a Job which performs a. Only DEPTNO 10 to target1 b. Condition SAL>1000 and SAL1000 & SAL


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