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Assets Data SITE ID:COL_JAY181_GC SITE Engineer: Athula/Nuwan Asset Update Date: 21/08/2014 BSC: BSC 01 Site Name BOM NO Category Short Description Main Description Unit Quantity JAY181_GC 2112604 BTS-Cabin BTS3012 Cabinet (DC -48V) BTS3012 Cabinet (DC -48V) pcs 2 BTS-Antenna Directional Antenna 10 port N/A Directional Antenna 4 port N/A BTS-Antenna Directional AntennaHigain-900 N/A Directional AntennaHigain-1800 N/A Directional AntennaHigain-3G N/A BTS-Antenna Directional Antenna,900 N/A 27010669 BTS-Antenna Directional Antenna,Dual band pcs 4 02315076 BTS-Cards DTRU900 DTRU 900MHz EGSM pcs 3 02315324 BTS-Cards DDPU900 Dual Duplexer Unit for DTRU BTS 900MHz pcs 3 02315174 BTS-Cards DTRU1800 DTRU 1800MHz pcs 5 2315179 BTS-Cards DDPU1800 Dual Duplexer Unit 1800MHz pcs 3 03029749 BTS-Cards DCCU BTS3012,GM51DCCU,Sinal adapter coupling board,1*1 pcs 2 03020AVW BTS-Cards DCSU Combined Cabinet Signal Commection Adapter Coupling Board pcs 2 03030DNH BTS-Cards DATU Antenna and TMA Control Unit for DTRU BTS 03030BMY BTS-Cards DTMU Transmission&Timing& Management Unit for DTRU BTS pcs 1 02120354 BTS-Cards BTS3012 Fan Box BTS3012,GM5E1BFAN,Fan Box pcs 2 03028712 BTS-Cards DMLC Monitor Signal lightning-protection card for DTRU BTS pcs 1 03028708/03020BCR BTS-Cards DELC E1 Signal lightning-protection card for DTRU BTS pcs 1 BTS-Others TMA900 N/A BTS-Others TMA1800 N/A BTS-Others CDMA Filter pcs 2 BTS-Others DATU card N/A 3G BBU3806(3G BBU) pcs 2 3G EBBc card pcs 1 BTS-Others Bias tree (TMA)900 N/A BTS-Others Bias tree (TMA)1800 N/A 03031240 MW-Mux OI2D Card 2xSTM-1 Optical Interface Board(S-1.1,SC) pcs 1 02110511 MW-Mux Metro 1000 Complete Mux Assembly Chassis(-48V) 1 03032448 MW-Mux SP2D Card 16xE1 Electrical Interface Board(120 ohm) pcs 1 03036945 MW-Mux EFS Card 4-Port 10M/100M Fast Ethernet Electrical Interface Board With Lanswitch pcs 1 02237538 MW-Mux Acc. Box-Metro 1000 Metro 1000 Delivery Accessories Per Station(Oversea) 04041242 MW-Mux Power Cable-Metro 1000 External Power Cable,Group Power Cable,15m,2*0.8mm^2,Black+Blue,H2X2(4.20),18UL1015B+18UL1015BL,Optix155/622H 04041267 MW-Mux Trunk Cable-Metro 1000,10m,120ohm,4E1 Trunk Cable,SP2 Plate,10m,120ohm,4E1,0.4mm,FB4X6-II,120CC8P0.4P430U(S) 03020GNW MW-Mux PIU-Metro1000 Power Interface Board 04060441/04060441 MW-Mux External Power Cable-Metro1000 External Power Cable For Metro 1000 MW-Mux Patch Code, LC-LC Patch Cord (LC/PC-LC/PC) Single mode -G652D-2mm MW-Mux Patch Code, LC-FC Patch Cord (FC/PC-LC/PC) Single mode -G652D-2mm MW-Mux Patch Code, LC-SC Patch Cord (LC/PC-SC/PC) Single mode -3mm 02315617 3G RRU_3G/N Distributed Base Station Radio Remote Unit(-48V,DHT 40W,1.25G,2100M)/3G pcs 3 04043485 3G NodeB E1 Cable Trunk Cable,-45deg,10m,120ohm,8E1,0.5mm,D44M-I,2*120CC8P0.5P430U(S) 3G 3G Antenna pcs 2 A02311392 Power Monitor module Monitor Module,M3455Z,Global Standard Monitor Module M500D A04,With Package pcs 1 A02130545 Power Emerson-Rectifier Indoor Rectifier,48V,1740W,220V,2?U,Small Package,(R48-1800A) pcs 3 02130837 Power Delta-Rectifier Indoor Rectifier,-5degC-75degC,176V-300V,54V/30A,ESR-48/40A C AY3799041200 Power Delta-PMU Delta Monitor Module NED Battery bank 600Ah Battery Capacity V4(1+0) JAY181_GC Site 1-KOL 112 MW-IDU 23G/D/Lo MW-ODU 0.3 MW-Antenna SDH(1+0) JAY181_GC Site 2-KOL109 MW-IDU 18G/B/Hi MW-ODU 1.2 MW-Antenna V4(1+0) JAY181_GC Site 3-KOL 117 MW-IDU 23/C/Lo MW-ODU 0.3 MW-Antenna SDH(1+0) JAY181_GC Site 4-BIY 305 MW-IDU 15G/C/Hi MW-ODU 1.2 MW-Antenna common BSC Site ID COL_JAY181_GC Name : Site Name Site Check list Remarks BTS NW Alarms check YES Share Out Data base checked (Other Operators) YES Share in database(Other operators) checked YES Alarm condition (Main Power/Smoke/Rectifier/PIU/DG) TT issued NO DG auto mode working Not return item checked BB cover replacement Date FCU installed date PM Date 20-Nov-13 Pree monsoon done date 23-Oct-13 BB checked Date 23-Oct-13 AC, GEN Servive Date GEN diesel fill date and Liter Pest control done date 13-Aug-13 AC ,FCU & alarm condition( If faulty please enter EMR NO Site Major issue(Acsess issue,MW wing bar,Fine tune Bracket ,corrotion,Roof damage EMR/PEMR No


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