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7771 WCDMA CELL OUT OF USE Meaning The alarm indicates that an unlocked WCDMA cell has been blocked for some reason, and it cannot transmit any traffic. This alarm is set only when a cell is moved to the blocked state by the system, meaning that a user initiated state change will not cause this alarm. 7772 HSDPA CONFIGURATION FAILED Meaning This alarm indicates that there has been an error when RNC has requested configuration or reconfiguration of HSDPA channels to BTS via Physical Shared Channel Reconfiguration procedure. 7775 INCONSISTENCY IN WCEL CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS Meaning The alarm indicates that the Nokia Siemens Networks specific configuration parameters in BTS might not be consistent with the parameters in RNC. These parameters are CellRange, RACHCapacity, SIB7factor, ShutdownWindow and ShutdownStepAmount. The situation causing this alarm will not obstruct network operations. The alarm is set when BTS has failed to accept the parameters send to it during cell setup or when BTS has not responded to the parameter sending during cell setup. The alarm is cancelled automatically after these configuration parameters have been successfully sent. 7776 HSDPA FAILURE IN WCEL Meaning A major fault (or faults) occurs in the BTS. A unit (or units) that take care of HSDPA traffic in WCEL can be faulty, or there is not enough capacity available in the BTS WSP cards for the HSDPA service. This alarm is set when an HSDPA-capable BTS sends a Resource Status Indication (RSI) message via NBAP to RNC indicating that HSDPA state is changed to "disabled". As a consequence of this alarm, HSDPA connections cannot be used in that particular cell. The RSI message regarding HSDPA disabling can arrive also after the whole cell is reported as "disabled" by BTS via another RSI message. This can happen in BTS recommissioning phase when the cell is disabled in the BTS end as part of the BTS maintenance operations. In this case this alarm can appear together with the alarms for the same WCEL object: 7761 RNW O&M SCENARIO FAILURE 7771 WCDMA CELL OUT OF USE


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