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CAEPLUS exam maximiser ffi = # Elaine Boyd $$sN 24 p.26 of English: key word transformations (Part 5) p s1 p.'13 Writing: article (Part 1) p38 p39 p39 Speaking: Part Use 1 Grammar 2: verb tenses (perfect aspect) Unit 5: Thrills and skills Vocabulary 1: sport Grammar 1 of English: open cloze (Part 1) 2) p 13 p.20 Speaking Grammar 2.13 p.49 Writing: informal letter (Part 2) p50 p 51 Unit 3: What makes us tick Listening: multiple matching (Part 4) Vocabulary 1: adjectives of character Use of English: multiple choice cloze (Part Reading: multiple choice (Part 3) 1) p.45 p 16 p. comparatives Use p.62 p.38 p 10 p.$* .9 Grammar 2: conditionals 2 Use of English: key word transformations (Part 5) Speaking: three-way discussion (Part 4) p.54 Grammar 1: modal verbs Vocabulary 2 1 p28 p.23 Unit 6: Family ties Listening: multiple matching (Part 4) Vocabulary 1:word + 0reposition collocations Grammar 1: wish Vocabulary 2: easily confused words Use Grammar 2: articles p48 p..21 p.N.44 p.18 Vocabulary 1: compound adjectives Listening: multiple choice (Part 3) Grammar 1: relative clauses Use of English: word formation (Part 3) p 19 p.22 p.41 Writing: a formal letter (Part : intensifiers/modif iers Unit 2: Spend it or save it Reading: multiple choice (Part 1) Reading: multiple matching (Part 4) Listening: multiple choice (Part 3) Vocabulary 2: prefixes Use p.52 Reading: short texts (Part 1) Use of English: open cloze (Part 2) p.14 p.32 p.62 Grammar 2.24 p.12 p.42 p.6 Vocabulary 1 : science and medicine Listening: short texts (Part 1) Grammar 1: conditionals 1 Use of English: gapped sentences (Part 4) Vocabulary 2: collocations and fixed phrases Unit 1: Tuning in Vocabulary 1:music 1 p.45 p.4 Unit 4: Pushing the boundaries Reading: gapped text (Part 2) p.29 Writing: competition entry (Part 2) : relationships Speaking: Part 2 Grammar 2: gerunds and infinitives Unit 7: Creative talents Reading: multiple choice (Part 3) of English: key word transformations (Part 5) Writing: a contribution to a longer piece (Part 2) Use p30 p30 p.37 Grammar 1: overview Listening: sentence completion (Part 2) Reading: multiple matching (Part 4) Vocabulary 2: entertainment: music Use of English: word formation (Part 3) p.Contents Introduction to the CAE Gold Plus exam maximiser Exam overview p.22 p.44 p.54 Grammar 2: substitution/ellipsis ps4 p.B p34 p35 p36 p36 p.12 p.29 p.25 p.21 of English: open cloze (Part 2) Vocabulary 2: advertising and marketing Use of English: word formation (Part 3) Speaking: Part 3 Writing: a report (Part 2) p.46 p.5 t p56 psB Grammar 1: the future Vocabulary 1 : phrasal verbs Listening: sentence completion (Part 2) Vocabulary 2: words with similar meaning Use of English: word formation (Part 3) Speaking: Part 4 p59 p60 p60 p61 p61 p. verb patterns Use of English: key word transformations (Part 5) Writing: review (Part 2) p63 :iii$.9 p.47 of English: open cloze (Part 2) p20 p.46 p.40 p. 94 p95 W .83 p.144 p.114 p.85 of English: gapped sentences (Part a) of English: word formation (Part 3) Speaking: Part 3 Writing: report (Part 1) p86 p86 p86 p.67 p.72 p.7 Listening: sentence completion (Part 2) Vocabulary 1: adverbials expressing attitude and communication idioms p.66 p.Unit 8: What keeps us going Listening: short texts (Part 1) Unit 12: A matter of time p.77 p.64 p. verb + prep Grammar 1: indirect speech Vocabulary 2: work qualities Speaking Use Vocabulary 1: expressions with time and future Listening: multiple matching (Part 4) Reading: short texts (Part 1) Grammar 1: passives 1 English in Use: open cloze (Part 2) Vocabulary 2: idiomatic language Speaking: Part 3 p96 p.94 p.104 p.64 p.1 09 p78 p.8l Vocabulary 2: synonyms Use p.120 p89 p90 p.80 p.108 p.70 p.83 p 113 p.70 p.1 01 p.114 p 115 p.1 00 00 of English: multiple choice cloze (Part 1) p.67 Vocabulary 1: compounds.78 Grammar 2: cleft sentences Use of English: key word transformations (Part 5) Writing: proposal (Part 1) a) Grammar 1:participle clauses Vocabulary 2: similes Speaking: Part 4 Grammar 2: passives 2 (usage) Reading: multiple matching (Part Use p.1 18 p.73 4 p. mind and brain Listening: short extracts (Part 1) Grammar 1: modal verbs 2 Speaking: Part 2: timing Vocabulary 2: phrasal verbs with thrnk Reading: multiple choice (Part 3) p.76 p.98 p.82 Unit 14: lt's how you tell it Reading: gapped text (Part 2) Reading: gapped text (Part 2) Listening: multiple choice (Part 3) Grammar 1 : countable/uncountable nouns Vocabulary 1 : linking words/text referring words Vocabulary 2: the natural world Vocabulary 1 : books and stories Speaking Listening: short texts (Part 1) p83 p.1 16 p.91 Answer Key p.1 02 Reading: gapped text (Part 2) Grammar 2: reporting words Writing: letter of application (Part 2) Grammar 2: the future in the past Writing: essay (Part 2) p.92 Grammar 2: emphasis with inversion Use of English: key word transformations (Part 5) Writing: article (Part 2) p.90 p.76 p.77 p.68 p.1 01 p.88 Practice Exam p.66 p.1 19 Grammar 2: mistakes Writing 1: the set text question (Part 2) Writing 2: the set text question (Part 2) Unit 11: Always on my mind Vocabulary 1 : expression with fake.1 05 Grammar 1: review of narrative tenses Vocabulary 2: dependent prepositions Use of English: word formation (Part 3) Speaking: individual questions (Part a) p.103 Unit 9: On the road Vocabulary 1: travel Listening: sentence completion (Part 2) Reading: multiple matching (Part 4) Unit 13: A way with words p.108 p.106 p.117 p.97 p.1 18 p.1 16 p.79 of English: key word transformations (Part 5) Writing: proposal (Part 2) p 1 10 p 1 10 p 'l 1 1 Unit 1O: Close to nature p.1 16 Grammar Use 1 : expressions with get and haye of English: gapped sentences (Part 4) of English: open cloze (Part 2) Grammar 2: preparatory it (subject and object) Use Use p.1 p. You will use the entire exam maximiser or you will use it selectively. . You are using the CAE Gold Plus Coursebook in class. though you have not been following a CAE coursebook. will give you a concentrated and highly focused short exam course. This. Sometimes you will also do the related exercises or even a whole unit from the exam maximiser in class. Here are some typical situations: o further practice and revision of all the important vocabulary. You are all planning to take the exam at the same time. I You have already done a CAE course and you are now doing an intensive course to prepare for the exam. You now need exam skills. though your teacher will ask you to do exercises from it at home as well.lntroduction to the CAE Gold Plus exam maximiser The CAE Gold PIus exam maximiser is specially designed to maximise your chances of success in the Cambridge Advanced English Certificate. together with the CAE Practice Tests PIus New Edition. The exam maximiser will help you prepare for the Cambridge Advanced exam by offering you: How can I use the CAE Gold PIus exam maximiser? The exam maximiser is very flexible and can be used by students in a variety of situations and in a variety of ways. This means that you will know exactly what to expect in each paper and that there are no unpleasant surprises. I You have a very short period in which to prepare for the CAE exam. you will use the exam maximiser in class. because you need practice in the exam tasks and how to approach them. Your level of English is already nearing CAE exam standard. listening and speaking) that you study in the CAE Gold Plus Coursebook I You are doing a CAE course with other students probably over an academic year. depending on your needs and the time available. more information about the kinds of questions you will have to answer in the CAE exam guidance with strategies and techniques you should use to tackle exam tasks exam-style exercises so that you can practise using the techniques a complete sample exam which you can use for practice just before you sit the exam. Since you have already worked through Ihe CAE Gold Plus Coursebook or perhaps another CAE coursebook. grammar and skills (reading. writing. You will use the exam maximiser independently. You are also given a strategy to follow and then have an opportunity to put it into practice by reading an exam-style task and doing some exercises. There is also an lmprove! section in each unit to show crossword and wordsearch grids for a bit of fun. These practise the words and expressions which you studied in the CAE Gold Plus Coursebook and introduce you to some new words and expressions as well. but you will use the exam maximiser to develop your exam techniques and build up your confidence. There are also opportunities to practise the grammar points You you how to improve your answer and maximise your marks. Once you have worked through all the units. I You are preparing for the exam on your own. ln these tasks. you train for each of the four parts in Paper 4 (Listening). You will not need to follow a coursebook. often using sample answers. Unit '14 gives you practice in filling in these answer sheets. These sections help exam. together with Tips to help you complete the tasks. At the end of each unit there is a Writing section. including exam-style tasks from Paper 3 (English in Use) and different styles of writing. you will be ready to try the Practice exam at the back of the book. You do an exercise to help you practise the strategy and then an exam-style listening task. W . ln Papers 1. First. Finally. Some of the exam-style tasks focus on a particular grammar point to give you plenty of practice but in the exam each task will test a variety of structures.I You are retaking the CAE exam as unfortunately you were not successful in your first attempt. Like the listening sections. you write your own answer to the writing task. you can practise and revise the grammar points you have studied in the CAE Gold Plus Coursebook. you can hear example answers by listening to the recordings of good CAE candidates performing the speaking tasks. there are always exam-style tasks from Paper 3 (English in Use). Like the Listening sections. so that you can practise dealing with unfamiliar words and phrases. Then you'll be really well prepared for the CAE exam. You may be having to retake the exam because you were not sufficiently familiar with the exam requirements. You will get the practice and preparation by using the exam maximiser by itself. You write your answers to these exercises in the exam maximiser. There is a vocabulary activity at the end of most listening sections as well. will find two Grammar sections in each unit. the reading sections are easier at the beginning of the book but at the level of the exam at the end. these provide you with information about the exam and strategies to use in each of the four parts of Paper 1 (Reading). There is a vocabulary activity at the end of most reading sections as well. Good luck! through Paper 5 (Speaking) tasks. You can give yourself extra practice by using the CAE Practice Tests Plus New Edition just before taking the exam. Maybe you are not attending a CAE class but wish to take the exam and prepare for it independently. There are also some exercises asking you to think about the audience and the genre to help you identify What is in each unit? Each unit in the exam maximiser contains Vocabulary sections. 3 and 4 of the exam you have to transfer your answers to an answer sheet. you are given information about the exam and the kinds of writing tasks you have to do in Parts 1 and 2 of Paper 2 (Writing). The tasks get more difficult as you move through the units in the exam maximiser. By doing the exercises in these sections. Once again. so that by the end of the book they are at the same level as the : Every unit has a Listening section. Once again. you read some information about the exam and then you are given some advice on the strategy you should use in that particular part. There are plenty of exercises to do. so that you can practise dealing with unfamiliar words and phrases. You do some exercises to help you with the strategy and then you do an exam-style task. There is also a Reading section in each unit. There are also opportunities to practise the vocabulary through Paper 5 (Speaking) tasks. essay. To pass with a grade C. etc. A. main idea. opinion. tone. detail. expressing and justifying opinions and ideas i:$. etc.Exam overview There are five papers in the CAE exam. 34 reading comprehension questions Writing Part 1: one compulsory task Part 2: one task from a choice of Part 1: using given information to write an article. opinion. attitude. Paper Reading Formats Part 1: answering multiple-choice questions on three themed texts Part 2: choosing which paragraph fits into gaps in a text Part 3: answering multiple-choice questions Part 4: deciding which section of a single text or which text out of several contains given information or ideas Task focus Part 1: reading for detail. Part 2: reading to understand text structure. review a Part 1: selecting from and developing given information to produce a persuasive piece of writing Part 2: writing for a specific reader. each with two multiple-choice questions Part 2: long text with eight gap-fill sentences Part 3r long text with six multiple-choice questions Part 4: five short texts to match to one of eight options Part 1: understanding feeling. purpose. B and C. main points and context Speaking four parts Part 1: interview: the examiner asks each student questions on basic personal information Part 2: comparing and contrasting three pictures: each student has to speak for one minute Part 3: interactive task: students discuss a task together using a visual prompt Part 4: discussion: the examiner asks questions related to the theme of Part 3 Part 1: giving personal information Part 2: giving information and expressing opinions Part 3: sustaining an interaction. contribution to longer piece. There are three passing grades. report. report. Part 4: reading {or specific information. attitude. 3 and 4 you have to write your answers on a separate sheet. 30 questions Part 1: three short extracts. . The papers are Each paper receives an equal weighting of 20 percent of the Paper 1 Reading Paper 2 Writing Paper 3 Use of English Paper 4 Listening Paper 5 Speaking (1 hour 15 minutes) (1 hour 30 minutes) (1 hour) (40 minutes) (15 minutes) marks. Your overall grade is based on the total score for all five papers. using appropriate layout and register. using variety of functions a four Use of English five tasks. grammar and lexico-grammar Part 3: vocabulary and lexico-grammar Part 4: vocabulary Part 5: vocabulary and grammar Listening four tasks. Part 2: understanding specific information and stated opinion Part 3: understanding attitude and opinion Part 4: understanding gist. cohesion and coherence Part 3: reading for detail. For Papers 1. For Paper 2 you write your answers in the answer book. attitude. tone. proposal. opinion. etc. proposal or letter of 180-220 words Part 2: producing one piece of writing of 220-260 words from a choice of article. 50 questions Part 1r multiple-choice cloze: choosing which word from a choice of four fits in each of 12 gaps Part 2: open cloze: writing the missing word in each of 15 gaps in a text Part 3: word formation: changing the form of the word given so that it fits into the gaps in the text Part 4: gapped sentences: choosing a word to fit into gaps in three different sentences Part 5: key word transformations: using the given key word to complete a new sentence which means the same as the given one Part 1: vocabulary and lexico-grammar Part 2. letter. main idea. competition entry. information sheet. you need about 60 percent of the marks. exchanging ideas and reaching a decision through negotiation Part 4. attitude. opinion and attitude four texts. the answer must reflect what the speaker says. . when you hear the same word as a word in the question. Be aware I Speaking Remember normal speaking behaviour. a Don't worry if you and your partner do not agree in Part 3 of the exam. Don't be misled by 'wordspots' . Check your spellings. . Read each instruction very carefully to make sure you know what you have to do. C heck these particu larly ca ref u ly. Don't write too many or too few words. " hear develops. but try to reach a conclusion. Work out how long you have for each task and don't spend too long on one task. o Don't read every word in a task if you don't need to. to do this to get everything done in time. ' Read any texts through quickly before you start so that you get a general idea of what they are about. Always give reasons for what you say and try to use range of language. n Do what you can first.9. Choose your Part 2 task carefully so that you can show range of structures and vocabulary.e. Don't be misled by 'wordspots'. Check especially that you have filled in any mark sheets correctly. W . . Writing . You don't lose marks for wrong answers. you may find articles or prepositions diff icu It. then go back and do the more difficult questions. e Use the context you are given in the instructions and the questions to predict the outline of what you will hear. scanning is a reading skill and you will need Use of English . ln Part 1 and Part 3 tasks. in Part 1 and Part 5. Remember. e. Remember to check your answers carefully. This is especially important in tasks where you need to change a word or where you must use the word you are given. Remember.e. . go on and come back to the tricky questions later if you have time. . Make sure you complete all the functions you are asked for in a Part 1 task (e.g. Reading . tenses and singular/plural agreements very caref ully. Don't panic if you miss one answer. you hear everything twice. . Make sure the answer you choose is correct when you match it with the stem.where you see the same word in the text as in the questions. i. guess. lt may not be the answer. . describe and recommend). Use the few seconds you have before each task to scan the questions quickly so you know how what you will lf you don't know an answer. . Balance your answer so that you don't write too much on one function and not enough on another. . a of what problems may be caused by your first language. Time yourself carefully. explain. Listen carefully until you hear words that connect you to the next question. Plan your writing to avoid this. lf you get stuck.g. Remember. read the stems (the first part of the questions) very carefully. even if it is only that you disagree. lt may not be the anSwer. This will help you choose your answers. Remember to use paragraphs and to organise your points clearly. Don't just pick the genre you are most familiar with.Exam tips General . Always read the texts through quickly first to get an idea of the organisation and topic. so think carefully about where you may need to consider these. i. e. Remember that collocations and fixed phrases are very important at CAE. Listening . Ask the examiner if you need him or her to repeat something. take turns with your partner. o Don't choose an answer just because it seems right. This will only take you a couple of minutes and wili help you find the information you need to answer the questions. a 4 artist 1 I managed to set up / gear up a deal with a good distribution company. We've already geared up / lined up some dates for live gigs label plug sign charts distribution qlS They're hoping Io put out / put upa record in the spring. W :ist-.IT Tuning in Vocabulary 1: music ! the pictures below. Eventually we managed to get . Use your dictionary or the lnternet. on our way up the f inO out what these types of music are. I eut the following words into the correct gaps. 1 We played some really awful . Make sure the word is in the correct form. they were as good as their word and our record got heavily on the radio and I vatcf' the music words on the left with their a) a recording made or sold illegally b) a professional performer c) a CD which consists of different songs or music by different people d) a group of songs or pieces of music on CD meanings on the right.. to a really good record who also said they would pay for the of our records. Anyway. 5 compilation e) the words of a song 6 lyrics f) a single song or piece of music on a CD 2 3 Our record got up /shot up the charts as soon as it was released. such as The Longman Ph rasa I Verbs Di ctiona ry...\*F. 4 5 We've been gearing up / dilving up to the release of our first record next month. Check the meaning of both phrasal verbs in each sentence in a good dictionary. 1. . so we managed to get to number 18 in the 1 album 2 track 3 bootleg ! Choose the correct phrasal verb in each sentence. Match each type of music to ladder. You must write ONLY the words you hear. 6 The chance to be an overnight success is hardly ever offered. You may need to write one or two words. 4 rwish 5 I r o' l.. 8 They're very boring because..9.. .... He was paid millions for the copyright so he can have loads of money by now.. in modern music around the world" Urban music now outsells Correct the mistake. I suggested him to knock at producers' doors to get record deal... such as most boy bands.. Sometimes there is more than one mistake... ! these sentences all have a mistake in word order.. a) I would be in the charts by now! Urban music has spread quickly due to the fact that its deal l'll be going to the concert on Friday unless lf I had a recording b) had seen them play live' c) get tickets without asking me' (7) .. I was forced doing arnrful jobs before to hit the big time. THE MUSIC OF THE CITY The urban scene has become a powerful (1) . W . and rap artists. Strategy 1 a 4 He wants that we practise the song again at the weekend.. I Vatcfr the sentence beginnings with their would have gone to the concert if I Urban music has been popularised by major artists working with leading (5) .. etc. 'l 2 3 (6). 1 As a singer.. Part 2.. they only sing in one style... The sentences always come in the same order on the recording. Bigger profits will mean definitely more companies taking risks. adjective... Think about what kind of words you are listening for. Hip hop came about through a mix of music styles and endings.thetop-se|lingrecordsinthe(3) chart in the USA were all made by black artists.. ..... 1 (2) . I think bands today are too similar and they all look the same as well.. 2 3 Read through the questions. ln Britain a member of the royal family has presented a (4).. Urban music is more dynamic than pop because it is developing and willing to (8) .. lnoctober2003. Make sure your answers are grammatically correct and that there are no spelling mistakes... One sentence is correct.. 2 3 Rock bands' wealth means that the people are very jealous of them. and has a quarter 2 The group quite felt pleased with their success. .. On the second listening... @ f You will hear a talk on the radio about the rise of urban music.. you have to complete the gaps in eight sentences. . Listen and complete the sentences. Correct the grammatical mistakes in these sentences.. noun.. 3 ls that the group which was voted last year the best? 4 You can be even a success without being able to sing! 5 We never must download music without paying for it. 5 6 7 l've been desperate in breaking into singing for years - nows my chance.. t-ook through the sentences and decide which ! type of word (e.1"'sed e) I have to work to set wish he wouldn't @f Listen again and check your answers.. of urbanmusic.) should go in each gap..LINIT 1 Tuninq in Grammar 1: overview > CB page 7 Listening: sentence completion (Part 2) About the exam: ln Paper 4... f... matchesourmodern lifestyle. of the market.!13. check your answers... all part of trying to promote themselves. meanwhile. we're not interested in him at all. D-Rail won't even their efforts.. his South America.'Baz says... let's .. he might manage other artists . When his former manager called to ask their thoughts. from Flqshdaizce. they have left their manager and are ploughing aheadl with a new single. who has been in the pop game for six years now. I'I look into2 doing something else.# page I version of 'Maniac'. work with musicians in His new style .Iofty ambitions for a man who has put together several singles but not yet released one.. to pay for his releases..{istribution and plugging. 'Positive Reaction'.. he was told: 'No.000. deal covering the manufacturing of 1000 CDs. but it has sold only 1. self-released single a charity ballad called 'How Do I Say Goodbye?'. 2 Underline key words in the questions" 3 Find phrases or words in the texts that have a similar meaning to key words in the questions. Three months on from this date and D-Rail have released 'How Do I Say Goodbye?' under their own steam.. Robert and Matt are famous. teenage giris stand shivering beside the roadshow truck oflocal radio station SGR. The success of rap has made many artists think. Despite this indication that their music is simply not good enough.300 copies. It's a Saturday afternoon and an unsigned boy band by the name of D-Rail are performing a bizarre ffieadEmg: R{r r-r ltl ple n'ratch i nq {Fant 4i M f. D-Rait hang around to sign autographs..' liii$i$$j . Part 2.' Baz is looking now for a P&D (production and distribution) deal. thanks to the explosion of reality TV shows such as 1 The money generated 2 to those at the bottom.' he says. 'I'd like the single to go 10. Afterwards. A few years back he approached one label whose records he had collected in childhood. It will be a miracle if they sell one extra record as a result. But hardly anyone here today be paid for knows or cares who D-Rail are. unconvincingly If being a pop star doesn't work for him. thisl' A In Colchester.LINIT 1 Tuninq in ffi Complete these sentences with the correct form of these phrasal verbs from the talk above.. and so it seems as if Chris. Baz. whose video thev shot in March for 13. ..... He's signed a P&D About the exarn: ln Paper 1.. The music I Plp ldll ln fact it's more dif{icult now than ever before business will very quickiy because there's always something new to consider. record companies can be unforgivably cruel.. because it's very think their music dif{erent from what's around at the moment.000 after Chris negotiated the nroduction company down from their quote oft25. 'but I'd be happy with Top 20. move grow out on of get in on filter down catch on by artists never seems to WHEN WILL BE FAMOUS? I Conventional wisdom has ii that the path to pop fame is instant and easy. 'OK..... They follow with what will be their first. 'If it hasn't happened by the age of 29.. is gearing up for the release of his first single. 5t!'ategy 1 Read the text quicl<ly to find out what it is about. B There's also 2?-year-old Baz.. Iet alone got one inside the Top 40. you match questions or statements to several short texts.. In Baz's experience. hitting No 63 in the charts.. "Why am I doing this?"' w$ss . I thought to myself. trmr] reEI was disillusioned by a record company has not yet made a record has f-ffi! l--ffi] formed a business deal outside the industry recognises the importance of publicity has used the lnternet to further their pop career mentions putting a time limit on their pop career is likened rlw f]ffi f-ffilr-m f]sil t-l.' she says. Abbe.000 tan of which went on a video. she realised that Mistri took out an 111..whose prospects r"e. known as Mistri. But their manager. 'T hate to think how much it's cost over the last five years. Faith and Gina to other acts after that single got to No 12. for each of the questions. but even they had been dismissed by almost every major label. The first one has been done for you. when one oftheir songs popped into people's inboxes as an MP3. cost 1100. who agreed. but it's become like the space race. 'but it has been an investment.000 better off. Keeping costs down. One ofhis other acts signed to Sony a couple ofyears ago. Instead. the rest of the songs turned outs to be amazing. They first came to light 12 months ago. in Liverpool.000 spent on them before their first single and parted company with the label not long feels they are in a better situation than some other acts has not been signed despite making good records has been doing publicity that is i neffective has lost a member ffi 'It's "first man on the moon" stuff. she wouldn.. or a publicist.. Lauren. funding their own career Which pop act .000 manufacturing and distritrution. even if we don't have a deal. he reckons. 'lt's good that there is a perceived markel for tfti* iyp" of group.. she contacted OD2. T'd be 1250.' Nargi t-ook at the numbered verbs in the texts and decide which definition is best in the context. but the band have iust recorded a techno epic and there's a chance they:Il make it to 4A B 5A B to stay close to something because you are waiting for something to happen to stay in one place to make or produce something to have a particular result the we've got to make sure we get attention and that people. getting Bloke above the radar will. a download operator. She's looked into2 p&D deals.UNIT 1 Tuninq n c Making more progress is' .when . To if she puiO for ffi ffi is the Underline the key words in the questions. to sell her track online.I make a success of this. People are signing acts like this now .. So the recording companies are hovering arounda girl groups who can play their instruments. Genie eueen. but when she wanted to release her first single herselilast year. is realistic. choose from extracts A-E. E companies are cautious. 1A B 2A B to continue doing something when it is difficult to do something which takes a long time to be happy about something that is going to happen to find out more by getting the necessary information 3A B to make a system work more easily to make something available by not using it for something else Also there's an unsigned girl trio. 'Just One Of Them Days' sounded like a hit.000.aka Sophie. which freed up3 cash for advertising. 'Tt hit me that if I stood on that beach for the next two years. The band is managed by Andy McCluske5r 'We've seen some unsignel tocat pop grorrpr. 'and the more we see them being messed around by their managers. McCluskey took a holiday Standing on a beach in California._know we're here. rather than continuing with Genie Queen. had S800. You sle people on pop Idol shooting into the charts having only been trying for six months but they disappear just as quickly By doing it this way I know that if . together with the answers in the text.' Mistri has now signed to a management company and has live dates lined up throughout the summer.t be able to afford a has now quit. Jeremy Nargi.' says. pav for'Intoxicating'. I'11 be able to keep going.y because after the success of teen boy bands Busted and McFIy lots of record Then there's Bloke . Anna from the band.year-old Sneha Mistri. knowing that landing a deal with a Iabel is just the first rung on a very shaky ladder and doesn't necessarily mean that a single will get made.rfi t-Tw f-Fsl f-Trsl t-tTsl f-ffi] D . the more we realise how lucky we are to have Andy' One of them. 95. Last year. ..r : ... (REGARD) of the genre of that music...\\li:l ffi Across 2 They went on a lot of TV shows album. - they only do ....t:\ti:. centre alter inform . commercially produced songs without paying. ln this text all the words require suffixes. such as going through red lights. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits the space. able resign similar depend politics:.. .llii\:.' 9 10 They don't do original songs versions.:i: !.....-il (Pant 3) ilii.iii:l $:11} :ri:Js {..i1..."*-+*. listen to music nowadays. their new nead the text below. 7 . (FORTUNATE).. @?.. the car is where an (4).Jse of English: word forrrration ii:s: iil}.... (8) ........ the drivers' heart rate fluctuated less when they were listening to no music than when they listened to any kind of music....a|y... to ....-lrirjf Wnicn words change the syllable which is stressed when they have a suffix? 8 l*llj +::ul Io :i j.i$$* i!:iji\ r::*$: ... on in 2007 and sang all over (INFLUENCE) in people taking more risks..i. That music is a (7) .. Soon we will all need drivers...... 5 lts illegal 1o...n4ttq.. -al (adjective) ilt. the music rfre columns below show very common suffixes. fast music was (5) - (9) with hands-free mobiles.. The research is (3) proof of something many have long suspected and.. navigation systems and screens for DVDs.l... ffi iiliiu. ...niilitlijltti:li $i$j i ..-**..-r.: pure s{. The band has got a bad jou rn a lists.. as those who (SCIENCE) listen to slower music.. The band went Europe...$$iri$: confidence .....$t irP li!1.. .. There is now an enormous amount of (10) ".. .....IINIT 1 Tuning in \foeabufian"y X: n'lusie 2 ffi Complete the crossword with words related to business. From BBC News at bbc.... There is an example at the beginning (0).tat!! *_j 3 prominence....... (TECHNOLOGY) equipment for cars.... DRIVE CAREFULLY! Researchers have discovered that the speed at which people (q .$i\.t1: *. it.. (INCREASE) number of people The was really small but a lot of people were squashed in therel drive can be (1) Down 1 Their 3 album showed a lot of promise and we hope they record more. In the (6)... ln the exam. . .a\AA) affected by the speed of the music that they are listening to in their cars. One word can be used in two columns.. But turn down the volume to a there are other problems in the car.....Decide'whattype of word is missing from each gap.. The latest (COMPARE) study showing that research was a drivers who listen to fast music have twice as many accidents.ffii $i$ a. 6 8 They released a very good so I hope their first album will be as good.... (2) . . Change these words by using an appropriate suffix and put the words into the correct columns. you will be required to use prefixes and!a ri\:i--$ $i{5 ititj......$..ii.. (TRY)... .tl|lt *rli l*i\} i:':. The study showed that listening to 4 The singer signed an autograph for one of his....$N i:ltii'i-1 i*$l it::. for being rude to ....i-:i r-!ji!. critic demonstfate. the problem can be resolved drivers should apparently choose music with a slower tempo or (REASON) pitch.. .:t1.sslw . worryingly..-l I Ii -......l:$l / lt$$$ l$i$$N i\i!. (DISTRACT) shown by this lack of variation in the heart rate of the non-music subjects.4ra...!il ffi il:!t-i: rl. l'l -ity (noun) -ation (noun) -ent (adjective) *nfit l:t141 .lets you forward songs to your friends and has changed the music business. . it you can hurt yourself. want.....UNIT 1 Tuning in Speaking: (Part 1) About the exam: ln Paper 5. your partner and the examiner will ask you some questions about yourself and your opinions.............. hear.. The classes are absorbing and the experience of being told Write sentences using the words given.... 5 I /Iry /to get/a recording contract/for months/now.. hate. Strategy Use of English: open cloze (Part 2) > ffi CB page 12 nead the text below and write in the word which best fits each space. . own... .... . ever dreamed about flying on a trapeze... ".. on" lt comes as a shock when you find out (4) ....... TIP! Read the whole sentence to help you decide which '....... Listen to the answers on the CD.. ../l /get/thetickets/by then.. .. . ' .. have (8) surprised at how much I remembered.... dislike.. ..... love.... Each sentence contains at least one perfect tense. to do is relaxing.. of several schools around Britain to learn how..':'... /avarietyof roles /and/ my those people who spends much of the day (7) .you may surprise (15) .. .. I tried it for a day to Which film that you've seen has made the biggest impact on you? Gramm av 2i verb tenses (perfect aspect) I have > CB pages 3-l 5 1 (3) ... FLYING HIGH You no longer have to run (0) aWAy... you don't need to be particularly fit to start learning some of the disciplines.. taming lions or making people laugh then you can go along to (2) ..... Do you prefer staying at home to watch a DVD or going to the cinema? Do you listen to American music or do you prefer music from your country? ... ... smell. ..... know. like skiers. understand.. belong.. and then you'll to impress and entertain your friends. ". Those shape and who have a good sense (11) . care of balance.. prefer... giving it a shot be able ........... Part 1... Use only one word in each space.-wdr:d is...mi!sinn:'r'i.. lt's really 1 Verbs of feeling: 2 Verbs of thinking or knowledge: 3 Verbs of possession: (14) . How would you answer them? Write responses. .: '...don't just answer There is an example at the beginning (0). Complete concentration rs important because (5) . 1 lf /you/ meel/me/at 6pm.. /l/have enjoy / them all. especially if you are one of 2 ln/my film career..... ... to the circus to learn the skills of the big top. but you need to bring your own trainers with ankle support and tights to protect the skin on your legs........ difficult it is to master see how lwould even basic circus skills. then compare your answers to the examples in the answer key. (5) . have. believe. Next month / he / record / for 20 years. .... lf you (1) .. . possess..... You will to put the verbs into their correct form...... sing / and (9) ...... you'll need a high level of fitness to take already / (10) in the trapeze work.... 4 Verbs of sensation: W . 1 Try to expand your responses 'yes' or'no'. I enjoyed what I did on my day there and evening 3 I / get/ home/that / and / discover / IhaI / DVD recorder / steal.. 6 They / only / build / the film set / for ten mjnutes / when / the rain / start......) ffi ff Look at these questions. I eut these state and event verbs into the following categories: like. to make decisions.. . .. are (12) an advantage" All equipment is (13) . .:1: "-. 4 He / be / finally / hanging up / his guitar.. taste.. rict what you need to include in ! your letter of complaint. saying what you were dissatisfied with and why and asking for appropriate action. you were disappointed by the concert and decide to write to the organisers. Your letter will have to be between 180 and 220 words. 4 what your friends think of the problems 5 what you want Mr Wilden to do 6 what you enjoyed about the concert 7 what you were expecting Put the points you need to include in an appropriate order. nead this task. 1 why you bought the tickets 2 why you are writing 3 the problems you had at the concert 1 2 3 f Read the question and underline the functions ulf il. I wfricfr of these is 'appropriate asking for a refund and some extra action'? 1 money as compensation 2 asking for a refund 3 asking for a free ticket to another concert 4 telling him you will be contacting a lawyer 5 asking him to do the concert again ffiffi . ! You are studying in Canada and recently attended a concert by the group Fairplay. Strategy f UnOerline the three functions your answer must cover. Parl 1.IINIT 1 Tuning in Writing: formal letter (Part 1) About the exam: ln Paper 2. However. write a letter to the organiser. Remember to use your own words and expand the information in your points. Then. Read the advertisement for the concert and the email below from your friend. using the information appropriately. Mr Wilden. you may have to write a formal letter to someone. that you are asked to Decide what information from the question will support each of these functions. yrd flne.isfery. l*our. a fuied lo speuK lo soieo+te al ltne cotcerl but tney lold we lo wrile to you. Secotdly we Had to !. a. vocabulary and spelling are correct cover all the functions required use a variety of structures "T exoect lo Yo.t lnear hrow rrou auicxlu. io support n* loN wt ^ a+t ho1. fl Read this sample answer. Write your answer in 180-220 words. .atX *"N" o^lrX ou slaVe 40.ivh"e+ we Vol ll. wlt"icbt weaul we cott!-d+t'l see )flne ftroup verT we!. T Zo+r't ft*i+rV o4r wou. a lr"" licrlr lo the +exf coucerl you prowofe. orga n isation ran9e First of a!. al aI!. we Vol tiuallyt duyitl lhe i+rlewal llnere were io refre3h.du'l sil so we-sfood up. Rewrite ! fhe table below shows what your writing is assessed on in the exam.nq u.!-.yr Ltad lo s'fotdutv"^ lur+nef bacK whe'vt we atd a l"all ntd slrnetg were rubbistn aud fh"eu Fairp!. wiu!.!. +wi^V1is. Complete the table with what you need to do in the previous question in order to fulfil each point.e fairp!-ay coryLcer+ ot Salurdau uiVl*t.d do ial TouY ad.tad iwplied llnis. task Dear Mr Wilde+t T aw wrifi'vw about ft.TI. T we+l lo ltne co+tcerl o^dua was ver1fr disappoidred b7 severa!.efr's wortln nt aI!. Use your plan from Exercise 3 to help you and remember to use formal language.weut s so we were lorced to Vo outside lo qel sowelhi.v ! Write your own answer to the task in Exercise 1. 0 Expand your answer by explaining your reasons fully rs siucere!.t cher'vted.'"ere coa!.Ih"er"hort". W .te lic(efs'coil aJal " twe so we eXpec+ed seafi+rVt especia!-ly as accu racy register your ad l. effect on target reader use formal language and a polite tone balance the functions appropriately persuade the audience of your argument order the functions appropriately use paragraphing and linking words use a variety of vocabulary in places +uoa s f fni-vttr the seals were werpriced a'nd didu'l do wlnal +ou said uou make sure the audience has enough information to respond use advanced level structures and vocabulary T wa+rf froni )ro frive ne parl ol lne licrel coil or at leasl setd we a vo. tl check that structures.UNIT 1 Tuning in the underlined parts in more formal language.


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